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Grunt Worker's Benefits

13th Month

Paid semi-annual every June and December. Total amount is prorated depending on the contractor's start date.

5 Paid Leaves

Accrued from start date. After 1 year, all paid leaves are accrued immediately on new calendar year.

1 Birthday Leave

Party on your birthday or select another day during your birthday week!

Grunt Workers T Shirt

Grunt Workers custom t shirt delivered to your door on your 2nd month

Grocery Benefit

Receive a monthly grocery card to buy rice, lechon, or any othe grocery needs.


Full HMO coverage starting in your 6th month covered by Grunt Workers.

Paid Ph Holidays

Spend time with your family and friends on Philippine holidays and get paid for it.

engagement Activities

Have fun with monthly zoom parties, giveaways, and many other activities.


"Being a Grunt Worker is an esteemed profession for me. The clients that we have here at Grunt Workers do not see us as mere employees but as partners where they value our expertise, especially when we strategize on their campaigns and digital marketing efforts. The way our clients interacts with us gives validation that the environment we have in Grunt Workers is where we cultivate career and personal growth, support amongst colleagues. Given this amount of support, we feel confident dealing with clients to gain their trust and assure them that they are in good hands."

- Ma. Ginelyn

"Very professional and supportive. Grunt Workers followed up with me, contacted me when they said they would. They even coached me on how to win the client's final interview. They were very encouraging when we had the call which really pushes me to be positive to get hired. If you are looking for an agency that has the personal touch then Grunt Workers is definitely the one."

- Joey T.

"I became part of the Grunt Workers family late last year and it was one of the highlights of a very difficult 2020. Being with Grunt Workers allowed me to spend time with my family during the day and work for our future at night, all in the comfort of our home. It’s a wonderful experience to be working with people like James, Mitchell and the rest of the team because they’re focused in growth career-wise, and growing with you as a company that delivers topnotch quality in work and in personnel. I also got the opportunity to work with international clients that not only challenge my skills, also helps me widen my knowledge in my industry. If you put in the work, trust that your superiors believe in you to always be the best you can be, trust that you are supported in all ways possible, and if you love a good hustle, I’m sure you’ll fit in the Grunt Workers family right off the bat."

- Louise R.

Outwork. Outperform. Outlearn.

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Grunt Workers, LLC is a digital marketing staffing company based in the United States.

Our mission is to hire the best talent, offer the best benefits, have the most fun, and most importantly positively impact and improve Filipinos lives!

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