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Grunt Workers’ Health Maintenance Organization Provider

The COVID-19 pandemic will likely bring about many different emotions for people, including stress and anxiety. It may also lead to sadness or fear if you’re not expecting it – but don’t worry! Your mental health could improve too in response; symptoms of depression can worsen due to this virus’ effect on our brains.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has led many people to work from home. It also came along with unfortunate side effects, such as we can’t go outside or see friends and family, thinking about the possibility that they can get the virus. But luckily, there are ways around all these problems: remote employees who get paid while sitting on their couch; freelancers working remotely through established companies like Grunt Workers earning money independently without being tied down by anything other than your own four walls (or computer screen).

It’s amazing that we have access to health care services here at Grunt Workers. 

Aside from competitive salaries, Grunt Workers also offer health benefits to all their team members. 

We have excellent healthcare coverage for you starting in your 6th month! Our current healthcare provider is Maxicare – the leading healthcare provider in the Philippines.

Believe it or not, this health insurance plan offers coverage beyond outpatient consultations and lab tests. It also includes free annual select dental services at Metro Dental as well! Plus there’s access to the Maxicare Telemedicine 24 x 7 Voice Service if you think lining up for a medical consultation is a waste of time.  With just one phone call, they can easily connect with an accredited healthcare professional and have a consultation.

Grunt Workers employee can even include their immediate family members as dependents and their benefits can be paid by deducting a certain amount to your salary. 

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