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Boosting Employee engagement and loyalty here at Grunt Workers

Allowing your employees to be recognized for their efforts is a great way to boost organizational engagement. This motivates people, leads to increased productivity, and ensures that you get essential information from each individual – which will ultimately help grow loyalty!

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Award ceremonies or employee reward programs can help companies in many ways. For example, they can boost morale among employees and make them more committed to their jobs because they show appreciation for those who have gone above and beyond. Plus, there’s always something satisfying about coming out on top after working so hard.

In many cases, the effectiveness of intangible rewards is comparable to or even exceeds that of monetary incentives. A study carried out by academic researchers demonstrated that giving non-tangible gifts such as gift cards for an employee’s birthday rather than financial compensation in the form of checks or cash led to increases in both that employee’s level of happiness and their level of productivity.

Grunt Workers have a great system where our team can be rewarded in such a good way.

Grunt Workers, in partnership with Sodexo, is providing a PHP 1500 gift certificate to all their employees once they reach their fourth month of employment.

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