How A Broke and Burnout Email Marketer Found Her Ideal Homebased Job

She is an email marketer working for a digital marketing company in the Philippines – where she had to travel 2 hours each day and spend a minimum of 10 hours on the office.

Let’s hear her story.

“When you’re more concerned about hiding your account balance than you are about hiding your pin number at an ATM machine…

Then it might be time to look at better paying jobs.

I was worried Juanita.

She’s tired because she commutes to and from work every day to support her family.

I travel for 2 hours each way to a 10 hour shift doing email marketing for my company.

Then after work I go get food for our late night dinner, but I have to count my pesos to make sure I can afford the travel fare and food until the next pay period.”

Then I get home to make dinner for her family, then clean up, sleep, and get back to it all again the next day…

After everyone was asleep, I started looking for different jobs to see if there were any remote opportunities that paid at least as much as I am making right now…

And that’s when I found Grunt Workers. I felt like I was ‘winning’ Juanita.

After applying and getting matched up to a client as a freelancer, I don’t have a commute to worry about or spend hours on, I don’t have to wait to catch up with my family, and I get almost the same benefits – but I definitely get a bigger monthly income so it works out.

“My favorite part is the stability that I feel here. I never thought I could go from one job to freelancing like this, but Grunt Workers made it easy.”

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