The Definitive Ad Buyer Guide For 2022

If you want an opportunity to help you progress in life while providing some extra income on top of what’s coming from existing positions, then take note!

You may think that being overqualified is terrible, but it’s one of the best qualities you can have when applying for jobs with benefits options. This guide will show why and provide tips on not being too far beyond what employers want.

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The Big 3 Ad Networks/Platforms You Want To Use For Your Business In 2022

Social media marketing helps most companies reach their target audience anywhere at any time. Why not give it a shot and invest in these top 3 ad placement networks?

Advertise on Facebook/Meta

Facebook may not be the latest, but it’s the largest social media site. It has over two billion active users. So it’s no surprise why many businesses use the social media platform. 

The different Facebook ad types help you reach your goal. It is a safe choice to create brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, and online conversion. It caters to all ad formats – stories, text, images, and video content. You can spark market interest by prioritizing content from the Facebook algorithm to gain relevant interactions. 

5 Advanced Tips to level up your Facebook advertising

Follow the ad tip and become one step ahead with your Facebook marketing strategy.

Fabricate an enticing experience with Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads is an interesting functionality. The creation process might be time-consuming but results in an immersive experience. You can combine still images, videos, call-to-action, and more. So it’s definitely worth your time. 

Your Canvas ads can engage more than 50% of users. With an average time of 31 seconds, you can build a positive impression of your brand experience. In addition, different ad formats like a single image, video, and carousel ads allow you to have broad and unmatched storytelling ability. 

You can use templates to drag collateral into Facebook UI. Then place it on its spot to finish it. Stick with Facebook ads, especially when it’s the most effective way to market your product! 

Preload your posts with engagement

Facebook ad is equivalent to a social network. Everything you see is for the benefit of the users. So every successful ad in your feed is most likely the selection based on each preference, demographic and behavioral information. 

Facebook Events are essential posts designed to grab your audience’s attention. They weigh if it is relevant or irrelevant to them. You spend more on advertising if you gain a lower relevancy and quality score. As a result, your ROI suffers. As an intervention, always focus on your main objective – community engagement. Make sure you earn likes, clicks, comments, shares, and reactions. It helps you reach relevancy and the target audience. 

Always remember that Facebook engagement keeps the relevancy scores high. It informs Facebook about the amount of traffic to place in front of your ad placement. Therefore, you receive more impressions at a lower price if you have a quality score. 

Maximize the Facebook image or video ads

Facebook video ads are easy to set up, just like placing an image ad. You might be discouraged with the video creation. But when you see the result, you’ll be amazed at how magnificent to advertise on Facebook with videos. 

A short video clip captures attention more than text details. You can convert most video viewers to make purchases. You have a 240-minute-long video ad that is more than enough to share your story and brand awareness. Add sweet captions to increase view time. 

Use the best Facebook functionality.

Facebook advertising platform offers new and different functionalities almost every month. You have the power to customize your target audience. For example, you can engage users who liked the Facebook or Instagram content. As a result, you can view more who has an interest in your brand. Therefore, you can see the difference between cold traffic of demographic targeting from the warm traffic of retargeting. 

Take advantage of the lowest-cost cap bidding.

Upgrade your Facebook advertising by auction bidding for the lowest cost with a cap. You can achieve two different things based on the cap value. 

  • Control Cost. It helps you avoid spending more than you’re capable of. It’s excellent if you know how much your optimization will cost. Then you can set the cost per optimization event to achieve your profit goal. 
  • Increase Ad Distribution. The Dominate Method helps you reach about 3-4 times your target cost per optimization result. Facebook zones into the highest-quality segment for your target audience. As a result, you can have a successful ad to outbid competing advertisers. 


Advanced Facebook advertising tactics help you to get more out of your investment. Do it now! Experience how beneficial it is for your business.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads network offers unique value. It is advantageous if you know your business, niche, and campaign-style but lacks budget. It helps you use its features such as search network, display network, YouTube, and shopping. As a result, you can maximize every dollar spent on your ad. 

Google Search Network. According to metrics, Search brings more advantages. You earn a higher conversion rate with the traditional advertising offered by Google. 

Google Display Network. With more than 30 languages and 100 countries, Google is a giant pool of potential clients. The Display helps you generate leads from the awareness of your brand. 

Google Shopping. The latest Google functionality assists in increasing your product feasibility. You can leverage Google Ads to receive more clicks from shopping. 

YouTube. Business ads on YouTube doubled due to its default ad format. You pay every time a viewer watches for at least 30 seconds or interacts with your video. 

5 Advanced Tips to level up your Google advertising

Make the most out of the broad match of Google advertising. Follow these ad tips. 

Create a relevant landing page

Remember, your ultimate goal for your Google ads is for users to visit your website. If your ad drives qualified leads into your landing page, you could convert your prospect into a paying customer. It indicates a successful ad for PPC marketing to a sale. 

You must optimize your landing page for a worthy PPC conversion rate. Create messages that align your ad with the landing page messages. Also, you have to maintain consistency between landing pages, ad copy, and keywords. It improves your conversion rates and click-through. As a result, you maximize your budget while making more money. 

Improve negative keywords

Specifying your product and service is vital with Google Ads. But indicating what you don’t offer is relevant as well. So it is best if you highlight negative keywords in your ad format. 

If you use negative keywords, you tell Google which is an excellent fit for your product and service. Also, you can hone these keywords in your campaign by adding unique keywords to particular ad groups. As a result, it prevents Google ads from showing on keyword searches that don’t match. 

Schedule ads strategically

Google Ads run to generate more business leads. Potential clients contact you to inquire about the products and services offered. Of course, you must entertain them immediately. But what if they call up in the wee hours and no one’s available? If you follow them up the next day, they might lose the urge to purchase. Or worse, they opt for your competitor. It becomes a wasted opportunity. 

You can avoid missed opportunities by scheduling your ads and campaigns. For example, time it during office hours. Or, if you work in a different time zone, schedule the ads that sync with the timing. Also, you must determine your audience and respond to them during your scheduled ads. 

Organize Display Network campaigns

Often, Display Network campaigns get neglected. However, you can drive more conversion rates, traffic, and brand awareness. Whether you’re looking to promote your product or service, attract new customers and increase sales- there’s an advertising option for everyone.

You can do it by leveraging Topic Targeting options. More than 1,700 categories and subcategories are available for you. In addition, you have control over the type of web pages you want to display your ads. You can remove your ad when it appears on web pages unrelated to your marketing goals. Nevertheless, don’t lose focus on your context to increase your sales. 

Use all relevant Ad Extensions.

Ad extensions boost customer experience. It assists you in better storytelling of your brand. At the same time, it delivers valuable information to your clients. Many ad extensions are at your disposal. 


  • Call Extensions. It allows you to access the business contact number from the listing. 
  • Callout Extensions. It builds trust by adding entries like “Peace of Mind Guarantee” and “Fast Professional Service.”
  • Location Extensions. It links your account from Google My Business to your Google Ads account and allows you to pull your business address and contact number for potential clients. It is essential for brick-and-mortar operations. 
  • Sitelinks Extensions. It links your client’s attention to your website’s valuable and unique landing pages. 
  • Structured Snippets. It provides more accurate details about every feature offered based on specific categories. 


Google Ads campaigns charge based on each click. So you must optimize the entire customer experience and drive conversion to earn more money from qualified traffic and increase sales. 

Successful Ads on TikTok

TikTok is relatively a new player in the social advertising game. However, it holds tremendous potential for you to reach your potential customers. Also, it bridges you to younger target audiences. 

Recently, TikTok added another feature on its platform – TikTok Scheduling. It lets you plan and schedule your posts in advance. As a result, you can increase the number of your followers and grow your brand at the same time. 

TikTok advertisements work by appearing in native videos through “For You” feeds of users. It takes nine full seconds with a “Shop Now” button. So you can directly bring your customers to your eCommerce website. Also, TikTok offers in-ad feeds that showcase Brand Takeovers and Branded Hashtag Challenge. 

Brand Takeovers. Your ad gets displayed the moment a user opens the app. 

A Branded Hashtag Challenge. Fun video challenges and trending hashtags encourage users to create content relevant to your brand. 

5 Reasons Why You Need TikTok As A Marketing Platform

TikTok has come a long way since its inception. The social media application is not only fun to use but also provides businesses with ways to advertise their products and services!

Address all targeting options 

TikTok is not only for Generation Z. Although it has immense influence, but the platform also caters to all ages. You can see various topics and trends in cooking, education, sports, life advice, and many more. 

You can research trending videos and hashtags related to your products and services if you know your target audience. Then, produce your video associated with it. It helps you attract the right clients to check your content. But don’t get discouraged if most of your demographic is not active. With regular content posting, you can build trust and recognition. As a result, your brand gets recognized and ahead of the competition. 

Offer diverse content

TikTok offers a friendly and natural vibe for business ads. If you post scripted videos, it doesn’t look and feel so stiff. Instead, it brings out a carefree atmosphere that viewers enjoy. As a result, you gain more followers that can share your content with others. 

The social media platform allows users to create videos on trends. Also, it lets you play and experiment with different ideas often unavailable on other platforms. So if your brand sparks conversations or triggers emotions, you can gain engagement on your page. 

Updated with the latest hashtag trend

TikTok always stays up-to-date thanks to its accurate algorithm. Moreover, it takes the interest of an organic audience. As a result, you can have a successful ad if you implement the trending videos relevant to your product and services. 

If you are aware of the latest trend, you can create content that is easy to market. So always check the hashtag related to your brand. 

  • Search the trending hashtag. You can find the hashtag that fits your business on the Discover page. 
  • Look into the influencers. Get some clue on how influencers use the hashtag and see how it works. 
  • Use the standard hashtag. You can still use the standard yet popular hashtags to acquire a positive impact. For example, #food, #love, #travel, and others. 

Higher possibility of going viral

Often, TikTok Virality is not an overnight success. But if you follow the trending songs, videos, or hashtags, you can benefit from it. Also, you can create your hashtag to start a new one. 

The new social media platform is innovative and acknowledges new voices. You can always try new things even if you have a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram. Being open and available to various social networking sites opens you to a broad match of clients. 

Easy business marketing

TikTok is genuinely advantageous in marketing your business brand. It helps you find the best audience, create attractive and successful ads, set a feasible budget, and evaluate all the data from your current video campaign. So you can identify whether your marketing strategy is leading. 

The power of TikTok is in its free content and ability to reach a wide audience. The captivating sounds, images, or videos are very catchy for your target market because it’s unique from other platforms like Facebook Ads, where you need more money/time investments with little returns on investment!

The top 3 social ad networks are the best recommendation for your business marketing tactic. Take our advice to use the platforms. Post and reach your target audience for a sure-win in your business. 

Direct and Programmatic Ad Buying

Direct Media Buying

Direct media buying is the old way of advertising that was manual and required much human communication. You would make calls, send emails, or close deals with publishers, but this time you are concerned about ad buying rather than selling something yourself like in a traditional sales position where people often have different needs for their products which can lead them down rabbit holes until finally realizing what they wanted from the beginning- an installer who specializes only on window replacement services at home!

Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic media buying can be thought of as an automated, real-time bidding auction where advertisers place bids simultaneously, and the highest bidder takes their inventory slot. The process occurs with minimal intervention from a buyer in charge or purchasing decisions, for that matter.

Programmatic or Direct Sales: Which is better?

There are still many companies that advertise on television and other forms of traditional media.

However, these days it is not the only way to reach your audience, especially if they don’t watch TV shows or read magazines containing advertisements from brands like yours.

One solution for this problem could be programmatic advertising which allows you to target specific websites based on keywords associated with their interests, so as long as it’s easy enough, even someone without any experience can do everything themselves.

In marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some businesses, like small restaurants with limited resources who can’t afford a full-time digital strategist, may want something simple and automated so they don’t have trouble keeping up their site or social media presence, while others need more custom features in order to accomplish what’s desired which could lead them down the path of programmatic advertising.